Tub & Tile™ Bathroom Cleaner

Traditionally, cleaning the tub and shower was a time-consuming event that required the better part of a weekend afternoon and the donning of a ceremonial uniform including elbow-length rubber gloves and a gas mask—and that’s just to protect you from the “cleaners.” Well, Tub & Tile has changed all that. Tapping into the cleaning power of natural citric acid and Melaleuca Oil, Tub & Tile “melts” away soap scum, lime scale, and hard water spots, all without dangerous chemicals and without scratching or damaging your surfaces. So throw away your gas mask, close the bathroom window, and go ahead with your lunch plans. With Tub & Tile on the job, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the more important things in life.


Highly Effective

What makes Tub & Tile™ so effective?

  • Natural, powerful citric acid effectively melts away hard spots and soap scum. In fact, one bottle of concentrate has the cleaning power as 20 lemons.
  • Laboratory tests show that Tub & Tile removes soap scum and hard water faster than other bathroom cleaners. That means that Tub & Tile does the work saving you time and effort.
See how powerful Tub & Tile is for yourself
Take a tarnished penny and soak it (or just half of it for a good comparison) in undiluted Tub & Tile™ for 30 seconds. After a quick rinse you’ll see Tub & Tile effectively removed the grime and buildup, leaving behind nothing but new-found shine.


Safer For Your Home

What makes Tub & Tile safer for my home and family?

Tub & Tile does NOT contain:

  • Abrasives that can scratch surfaces
  • Chlorine bleach that can damage clothes, damage surfaces, or produce potentially fatal vapors if mixed with other common cleaners
  • Strong acids like sulfamic acid that can be harmful if ingested


Tub & Tile is biodegradable, contains natural ingredients, and is highly concentrated to reduce the amount of plastic used. One bottle of concentrate makes six bottles of ready-to-use product, which means that there is less plastic going to recycling centers and landfills. In fact, if all North American Lime-A-Way® users would switch to using Tub & Tile, 325,544 pounds of plastic would be saved every year.

Better Value

What makes Tub & Tile so economical?

Not only does the powerful Tub & Tile formula save you time cleaning but it also saves you money. Tub & Tile’s six-times concentrated formula costs up to 75% less than popular grocery store brands.

Powered By Nature

Tub & Tile uses the power of citric acid, the same citric acid found in lemons, to remove hard water deposits and soap scum.


Every Melaleuca product is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If Tub & Tile does not meet your highest expectations, contact us within 60 days for a full credit or exchange.