Melaleuca Philosophy

Melaleuca’s scientists have spent years developing EcoSense, a line of cleaners with an entirely different philosophy—that you shouldn’t have to choose between effective cleaning power and the safety of your home or the health of your environment.

We hope and believe that many generations will follow ours. And we believe we have a responsibility to those future generations. It is easy to rapidly do damage to the earth, our streams, our lakes, our forests, and our oceans. But it may take decades and huge costs to repair that damage. We believe that not preserving the earth for future generations is irresponsible.

We believe that natural, biodegradable ingredients can provide the same or better cleaning effectiveness as a harsh, harmful chemicals–without doing any damage whatsoever to the environment inside our homes, and without doing any damage to our streams and oceans once we dispose of them.

Certainly, natural, safer ingredients often cost more than harsh, cheap chemicals. However, Melaleuca has found a way to deliver products made with superior, safer, and more effective ingredients at an even lower cost per use than the cheap, harsh ingredients our competitors use.

We strive to deliver only the highest quality of products. We promise to always:

  • Lead the way in concentrating products
  • Use the safest and best ingredients available
  • Formulate products to minimize adverse impact on the environment
  • Whenever possible use natural substitutes that meet our quality standards for effectiveness
  • Deliver products that represent a better value for our customers