No Work® Daily Shower Cleaner

Every time you step out of your shower, soap scum and hard water stains stay behind. Which means when it’s time to clean your shower, you’ve got more work to do to make it sparkle again…unless you have No Work daily shower cleaner.

Just a few sprays after each shower and No Work will do the scrubbing for you. Powered by Aqua Charge®, the No Work formula turns the water droplets in your shower into potent micro cleaners that do the cleaning. No Work forms a protective barrier so your shower will stay cleaner much longer. Soap scum and hard water get carried down the drain before they can deposit on your shower surfaces. No Work is safer for your home with no chlorine bleach, phosphates, or abrasives. Plus, No Work is 4 times concentrated, so it lasts longer and saves you money.


Highly Effective

  • No Work is powered by Aqua Charge that will turn water droplets into tiny scrubbers that pull soap scum and hard water deposits off the walls and down the drain
  • No Work leaves a protective shield to keep your shower cleaner much longer


Safer For Your Home

No Work is free of harmful chemicals like chlorine bleach, phosphates, or abrasives.


  • No Work has a naturally derived solution for a safer clean
  • No Work uses a smaller bottle size and reusable spray bottle, meaning less plastic waste

Better Value

The concentrated formula in No Work saves you money, giving you a more sparkling shower for less cost

Powered By Nature

No Work provides a natural derived solution for more effectively cleaning shower surfaces.


Every Melaleuca product is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If No Work does not meet your highest expectations, contact us within 60 days for a full credit or exchange.