MelaPower® 6x Laundry Detergent

MelaPower 6x is a laundry detergent designed to give you everything you want when you’re washing your laundry—and nothing you don’t. This patented formula is six times concentrated, meaning it simply does more with less. You save money on every load, and you also reduce plastic waste—good news for the world around you.

MelaPower contains no unnecessary fillers, and is non-alkaline, meaning it’s as gentle as tap water to clothes. But despite its modest size, MelaPower hasn’t lost a drop of cleaning power. It leaves clothes brighter than other detergents can, and its naturally derived cleaners have all the power they need to annihilate dirt, grime, and odors in an entire load of laundry, so all your clothes come out looking and smelling clean and fresh.


Highly Effective

What makes MelaPower so effective?

MelaPower’s 2 powerful, biodegradable surfactants go to work immediately on dirt and stains, loosening the soil’s grip on the fabric and pulling it out into the wash water. And with its Rinse Guard™ formula, MelaPower keeps dirt and soils from settling back on the fabric during the rinse cycle. As a result, clothes that would have gotten duller and grayer stay bright with each wash. This patented formula is so effective that it outperforms national brands in industry-standard tests.

Rinse Guard traps and surrounds stains and soils so they can’t redeposit on your clothes

Safer For Your Home

What makes MelaPower safer?

National laundry detergent brands rely upon their alkaline formulas to break down dirt and stains; however, these formulas can also cause severe irritation to the skin. MelaPower’s formula is pH neutral, meaning it won’t irritate the skin or mouth. And because MelaPower is a liquid, it can’t be inhaled like powdered detergents.


What makes MelaPower Eco-friendly?

Smaller bottle sizes mean less plastic waste. In fact, if every Melaleuca customer used MelaPower 6x instead of Tide® 2x, we could save about 1.2 million pounds of plastic a year—enough to make more than 600,000 laundry baskets.

  • MelaPower is biodegradable
  • Super-concentrated formula means using less plastic
  • In 2011 alone, the plastic saved by using MelaPower instead of the leading brand could make more than 500,000 laundry baskets

Better Value

What makes MelaPower so economical?
One 48 fl. oz. bottle of MelaPower washes 96 loads. To wash 96 load with the leading brand, you’d have to buy three 50 fl. oz. bottles. Why? Because MelaPower has taken out unnecessary fillers (mostly water)—so there’s nothing in MelaPower that doesn’t absolutely need to be there for brighter, cleaner clothes. The end result? MelaPower saves you money. By switching to MelaPower, it can save you up to 35% over other liquid laundry detergents.
Loads per bottle Cost per load* pH level
MelaPower® 96 21¢ pH Balanced
Tide® 2x 32 27¢ pH Balanced
All® 2x Ultra 32 18.7¢ Alkaline
Purex® 2x 32 20.3¢ Alkaline
*Melaleuca Preferred Customer price. Competitor product prices from, Seattle, Washington, July 2009. Prices may vary. Product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

Powered By Nature

Nature has an abundance of cleaning power. And nature is where EcoSense formulas begin. Every EcoSense formula is developed around the most effective naturally derived ingredients—and the results are amazing.


Every Melaleuca product is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If MelaPower does not meet your highest expectations, contact us within 60 days for a full credit or exchange.