MelaBrite 6x is an ultra-concentrated color-safe brightener that is strong and effective, ecologically sensible, non-caustic, safer for your home, and economical. Requiring just a half ounce per load of laundry, MelaBrite 6x still delivers a powerful, proprietary blend of detergents, enzymes, and brighteners to target stains and safely remove them without resorting to toxic or corrosive chemicals—giving you brighter, whiter clothes that look newer and last longer than ever before.

And with MelaBrite 6x you’re not paying for unnecessary water–just pure brightening, stain-fighting power with more loads per bottle, and less cost per load, you save money.


Highly Effective

MelaBrite® has a unique, triple-action formula that:

  • Fights stains with a proprietary detergent blend
  • Uses natural protein enzymes to target stains and break them up
  • Proprietary Carezymes™ extend the life of clothes by removing the fuzz and pills that give clothes a worn look
And whether it’s your family’s favorite beach towel, your new outfit, or your kids’ best clothes you can rely on MelaBrite to keep all your laundry looking bright and new. But MelaBrite doesn’t use bleach, which can fade or yellow clothes over time. Instead it relies on a unique ingredient that reflects UV light, enhancing colors and making whites look brilliant!
Replaces: Clorox 2 and Vivid


Safer For Your Home

What makes MelaBrite® safer for my home and family?

MelaBrite® contains no bleach or other corrosive chemicals, but instead is a naturally derived formula. Chlorine bleach poisons more children every year than any other household chemical.


What makes MelaBrite® more Eco-friendly?

Smaller bottle sizes mean less plastic waste. In fact, if every Melaleuca customer used MelaBrite 6x instead of Clorox 2®, we could save about 1.6 million pounds of plastic a year–enough to make more than 800,000 laundry baskets.
  • Biodegradable
  • Super-concentrated–Each Bottle of MelaBrite® does as many loads as two 96 oz bottles of bleach
  • Contains no caustic chemicals
  • Is packaged in a recyclable bottle

Better Value

What makes MelaBrite® so economical?
  • Requires only 1/16 of a cup, or 1/2 fl. oz.
  • Costs just 15¢ per load–nearly half the price of some competitors

Powered By Nature

Nature has an abundance of cleaning power. And nature is where EcoSense formulas begin. Every EcoSense formula is developed around the most effective naturally derived ingredients—and the results are amazing.
MelaBrite uses the natural power of enzymes and a gentle, biodegradable formula that won’t harm fabrics or your family.


Every Melaleuca product is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If MelaBrite® does not meet your highest expectations, contact us within 60 days for a full credit or exchange.