Diamond Brite® Dishwasher Detergent

Life is full of compromises, like forgoing that chocolate cake to maintain your diet resolutions, or passing up the purse you’ve had your eye on to buy soccer equipment for your child. But you shouldn’t have to compromise the safety of your home and family just to have spotless dishes. That’s why we created Diamond Brite. You won’t find lots of scary warnings or a child-resistant cap when you pick up Diamond Brite. All you’ll find is a combination of naturally derived cleaners that power away even baked-on foods, all without environment-spoiling phosphates or chlorine.


Highly Effective

What makes Diamond Brite so effective?

  • Laboratory testing shows Diamond Brite works even on baked-on foods.
  • Diamond Brite uses naturally derived enzymes to break down food, just as enzymes in your stomach and mouth break down food.
  • Diamond Brite incorporates Opti-Shine™, a built-in rinse aid that keeps water and food particles from settling on your dishes for spotless dishes every time.
  • Proven effective as the leading national brand


Safer For Your Home

What makes Diamond Brite safer?

  • Diamond Brite contains no harsh chemicals, is pH-neutral, is as non-caustic as tap water, and isn’t required to have a child-resistant cap.
  • Competitive formulas have highly alkaline formulas that can burn skin, mouth, and eyes.


Diamond Brite has been phosphate-free for decades.

  • Phosphates have been known to cause massive algae overgrowth, choking the life out of lakes, rivers, and streams.
  • Many competitive products used phosphates as an inexpensive water-softening agent until legislation passed in 2010 prohibited its use.
  • Melaleuca has never waited for legislation or public opinion to persuade us to do the right thing. We’ve already locked up the absolute best, most effective formula with patent #6835703.
  • Diamond Brite’s super-concentrated formula means less plastic going into the recycling centers and landfills.
  • Diamond Brite is biodegradable.

Better Value

What makes Diamond Brite so economical?
  • Diamond Brite is super-concentrated.
  • Diamond Brite contains no fillers, so all you pay for is pure cleaning power.
  • Diamond Brite is so effective you only need to fill one dispenser cup half full to clean an entire load. Most brands require you to fill one or both of the cups.
  • Thanks to its unique formula, Diamond Brite is less expensive per load than leading grocery store competitors.
One bottle of Diamond Brite® cleans up to three times as many loads
Diamond Brite® Cascade® Elecrosol®
Chlorine bleach No Yes Yes
pH level Near neutral Highly alkaline Highly alkaline
Phosphates No Yes Yes
Price* $7.89 $6.15 $4.99
Average # of uses 25 15 15
Average cost per use 31¢ 41¢ 33¢

Powered By Nature

Diamond Brite uses a team of naturally derived enzymes and naturally derived water-softening agents that work together at breaking down a wide range of food-based soils and stains. The result is a potent formula that powers its way through all kinds of stubborn dish messes.


Every Melaleuca.com product is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If Diamond Brite does not meet your highest expectations, contact us within 60 days for a full credit or exchange.